Is global poker really random?

The Global Poker Random Number Generator (RNG) uses a Mersenne Twister with background cycles. This is a form of fast poker where participants can fold their hands at any time to immediately move to a new table with new hidden cards. The same goes for Bovada Poker, Americas Cardroom and even the publicly traded poker sites Pokerstars and Partypoker. Yes, again, Global Poker no longer uses PayPal, but they have replaced it with direct transfers to your checking account.

Global Poker should add an easy bar in the cashier that shows your progress, although they probably don't want to do anything to encourage you to redeem your prizes outside the poker site. The average number of players in a Global Poker tournament ranges from 50 to 300, and most events attract 100 to 200 players. I hate to do it too, but this kind of thing is really a standard rate these days for online poker sites. The fact that Global Poker has the resources to spend millions of dollars to put its name on a NASCAR bodes well.

I've never seen so many river sucks, quads or sets on sets in 20 years playing live poker online. Global Poker will receive the redemption of its prizes directly into your bank account within 3-5 business days, which is very good. They claim to be the only “legal” poker site that operates with cash prizes due to their unique sweepstakes game model. No other offshore poker site works with WorldPay, which means that Global Poker has convinced them that they operate legally.

Previously, Global Poker relied on attracting players through its other promotions and the fact that shopping there is a breeze. Playing is what you would expect from any poker game, whether online or in person, but you could definitely benefit from having many more players.

Wendell Brook
Wendell Brook

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