Do you have a global poker license?

As for its oversight of the game, Global Poker is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which ensures that its games are fair, regulated and monitored. Global Poker exists as a US-oriented site. Because of a legal technicality. Their system allows the site to be classified as a sweepstakes promotion rather than a gaming website.

The online poker room offers players from the US. The opportunity to compete in a series of tournaments and redeem their winnings for cash prizes. Yes, again, Global Poker no longer uses PayPal, but they have replaced it with direct transfers to your checking account. They found a way to structure online poker to be 100% legal, are licensed in Malta and are working with payment processors than anyone else in the US market.

UU. As this is a social gaming site, everything available can be accessed directly through the Global Poker browser site. Global Poker seems to go down the throat of the US and Canadian online poker markets, sweeping the bonuses offered everywhere else. You will see the percentage of flops seen in the 40-60% range, which is 10-20% higher than the tightest poker sites.

Global Poker will receive the redemption of its prizes directly into your bank account within 3-5 business days, which is very good. They created an online poker site that fully complies with current laws and regulations in the US. Department of Commerce and yet allows players to convert winnings into cash prizes. You will first need to visit Global Poker from a link on this page to see the special free bonus package.

What strikes me most is that Global Poker is the only poker site with cash prizes that will send redemptions directly to your bank account. One of the biggest complaints about Global Poker from old-school online poker players seems to be about the Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins system. The fact that “sweepstakes are specifically mentioned as a disallowed activity doesn't seem good for Global's future with Skrill. Although Global Poker stores hand histories on the server and you can review them, you cannot use any third-party software when playing at Global Poker.

What makes Global Poker stand out from anywhere else in the U.S. It is the fact that it is not delimited in any way. Global Poker will receive a fixed commission (5%) on games, including gold coin games, except for sit and go jackpot tournaments that have a 6% commission on their entry fee. In other words, unlike a traditional online poker site, Global Poker does not allow players to deposit real money into their accounts.

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