How can I redeem money from global poker?

When you want to convert all or part of your Sweeps coins into cash, you can do so in the Global Poker store. Redeeming your Sweeps coins for cash prizes at Global Poker is a breeze once you verify your account. Verifying your account unlocks many features on the site, including more packs of gold coins that can help you get closer to the redemption. Verifying your account also qualifies you for the sign-up bonus we mentioned above, which gives you SC20 before you buy any package of gold coins.

Withdrawals from Global Poker usually arrive in your checking account 3 to 5 days after you redeem your Sweeps Cash, so getting paid is quick and easy. To learn more about this poker site, read our Global Poker review. We understand how much fun you can have playing Global Poker games, but you can't play outside the Allowed Jurisdiction. Global Poker claims that this rather unusual way of naming its games makes it legal as a form of sweepstakes rather than gambling.

Almost immediately, speculation began that the new owners of Worldpay want nothing to do with Global, and this was the reason why Skrill is now accepted. The best thing is that the company transfers funds directly to your checking account, a feature that other online poker sites don't have. Regular games, tournaments and other social poker and casino games are available to players residing in the United States (excluding outlying territories and Washington State) and Canada (except Quebec) (permitted jurisdictions). Gold coins are the social gaming virtual currency used in the standard game on the Global Poker gaming platform.

We have long felt that the addition of multiple payment channels, perhaps including Bitcoin, would help isolate Global Poker and its customers from any fight with PayPal. Global Poker operates on what it calls “a sweepstakes model,” a version of which is used by dozens of well-known companies such as McDonald's, Reader's Digest, Pepsi, Publishers Clearing House and more to run ongoing promotions. The software used in Global Poker was developed by Cubeia, a Swedish company that focuses on creating applications for the online gambling industry. We expect the company to eventually offer a full menu of cashier options, but it seems that so far, most of the processors Global decides to partner with have significant drawbacks.

Because all Worldpay withdrawals are made through bank transfers, anyone who wanted to keep their bank accounts separate from online poker activities had to find somewhere else to play besides Global.

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