Does global poker use bitcoin?

After a history of problems with payment processors, Global Poker will add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a means of transferring money on its site. The manager of the poker room, Jonas Odman, revealed this information in an interview with CoinGeek, com. What stands out about Global Poker is that they claim to be the only “legal poker site in operation” that offers cash prizes. This scheme is supposedly legal by a method of playing for prizes and draws, not directly for real money.

In practice, a player will buy gold coins for use in play money games, simultaneously obtaining coins from free bonus sweeps that, only for poker players in the US. USA and U.S. They can be redeemed for cash prizes. I think anyone who complains about providing documents hasn't played online poker for years or not at all.

It has also made many forays into online poker with some Bitcoin-only poker sites running and more and more mainstream poker sites accepting Bitcoin as a deposit option. I think Tim's point was probably the result of some of Global Poker's poor players absorbing it more than once. While they should offer more, Global Poker has one of the most advanced email ticket support systems I've seen. Many casual poker players from the United States and Canada buy play money from sites like WSOP, Zynga or Club WPT.

Many of the alleged cheaters on poker sites like Americas Cardroom come from Eastern European countries. Just for a moment, imagine that there is a safe way to fund your online poker account with close to 100% anonymity, even in restrictive markets. Indeed, Global Poker has grown despite the loss of PayPal, thanks to the fact that they got a major credit card processor that can load the cards of all US players. There is nothing online when it comes to rakeback, and that is generally in line with the promotions and rewards offered by your online poker room in general.

The fact that Global Poker is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority also gives me peace of mind, as it is one of the most difficult licenses to obtain. Residents must use their services for online gambling, which is why they no longer offer their services through Global Poker. For Global Poker players in Canada, you can now also use Skrill for purchases or Instant ACH, which uses your bank account through Skrill. If you are on a very limited budget, you can also win Sweeps coins for free as a no-buy package of Global Poker.

That's why you won't find bonus offers, promotions and other campaigns with which you can earn profits on the poker site. Speaking of cheating, something that many players might like about Global Poker is that they are only open to Americans and Canadians.

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