Is global poker for real money?

You CANNOT deposit money into your Global Poker account. Global Poker is not technically a real money poker site, although in reality it is. Site operators found a loophole that, according to them, makes their “sweepstakes” model completely legal in the US. UU.

And since it was launched almost four years ago, that model seems to work effectively. Withdrawing money at Global Poker for real money is quick and easy. If you don't already know, Global Poker is a free online poker site that gives you the opportunity to win real money. The poker site is legal for residents of the United States and Canada, with the exception of Washington and Quebec.

Add a mega sponsorship deal with NASCAR and Global Poker is surprisingly one of the healthiest poker sites online. In the beginning, all transactions, deposits and withdrawals were handled exclusively through PayPal at Global Poker. Global Poker does a lot of things right, but I don't mind embarrassing anyone who doesn't offer phone and at least live chat support today. Even when I didn't recommend Global Poker because of its short history, I never did it because I saw something that looked like rigged games.

HUDs are a crutch that I am firmly against and I fully support the recent move of many poker sites to block them. Global Poker is also great on mobile devices for multiple cash games and tournaments, something that many poker sites still can't claim. If you're at a low-stakes Global Poker table with opponents who apparently don't fold anything (often called “call stations in poker strategy books”), you simply bet on value. Sweeps coins you win in poker games can be redeemed for cash prizes using an authorized payment processor.

Global Poker offers a fully web-based platform, which means no downloads are required. Most Global Poker promotions are structured around tournaments, or tournament series, to be more precise. Global Poker is certainly not perfect, that is, in its somewhat complicated currency structure and the lack of Bitcoin support. Global Poker has experienced exceptional growth in recent years, which has resulted in increased traffic in both regular games and tournaments.

In my opinion, Global Poker has reason to be the most legitimate poker site that still accepts US players. What makes Global Poker stand out from anywhere else in the U.S. It is the fact that it is not delimited in any way. Interestingly, Global Poker supports player notes, which I think should button up the crowd that thinks HUD blocking encourages cheating.

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